We do things differently

Affordable. Adjustable.


No excess charging. No wasteful spending in unused days. The price you pay reacts to your driving schedule. 

User experience


Reserving a parking space is made easy by using credits. Furthermore, your "Flex" credit package gives you access to extended platform features. 



Working commuters should not have to worry about alternate choices to save money. Instead, they should focus their time doing productive things.

Flex Starter


Includes 20 credits

Flex Silver


Includes 40 credits

Flex Premium


Includes 80 credits

Flex Premium G+


Includes 120 credits

Monthly Access

If you are searching for monthly or short-term access, we would love to hear from you and accommodate your request. 

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Commuter Spotlight


"I used to mix my commute to work to save money. I'd park my car in a train station and travel via rail to avoid high parking fees." - Sam H.

"I like that I have another option aside from doing a monthly pass . It saves me money." - Michelle A. 

"As a consultant, my schedule changes every week. I like the feature of flexibility as I can pretty much go anytime I'm needed and pay a reasonable price." - Rob M.  

"A mother of two young boys, I'd like to spend more time in the morning with my kids rather than leave early to take advantage of discounted rates." - Mary W.